Friday, May 11, 2012

Welcome to my blogs.

I do like a blog.
I have different ones for different needs.
Here are the links.

1. My ranting and musing blog. All my rants and muses are 140 words or fewer.
Two new posts this week, one about professional development and one about cliches. 
2. My interactive whiteboard blog. Ideas a views on the IWB with some videos to boot.
One new video this week. A game called fly swating.
3. My #eltchat blog. I enjoy #eltchat but sometimes want to get a different point across. I do so here. Weirdly my least regularly updated but the most visited.
4. My work blog. I am a teacher trainer for OUP in the Czech Republic and so keep a blog for that.
A few updates and links for OUP events and stuff like that. 

Finally there is the Czech Facebook page #czelt
Please come along and join if you have links to ELT in the Czech Republic.

Hope there is something there to interest you.


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